The value proposition of the purposeful organization;

Merriam-Webster defines purpose “as something set up by intent or the why.”

Therefore, purpose of the organization must come first as a foundation for the journey to the mission and vision.  Purpose shapes the mission, vision, and values and organization by casting clarity for all the staff members to share a common understanding of “why we do what we do.”  Hence, the organization becomes a community of purpose; one that makes a difference for the customer, staff, organization, and community.  An organizational difference, being that of a high performance, high commitment, high reliability that delivers exceptional value – that makes impossible possible.

If purpose is not diligently lived, it becomes lost in the urgencies of the day, eventually staff lose their passion of serving others while the organization becomes complex, procedures and policy laden, command and control management, inward focused, complacent, lacks communications, lacks decision making,…and lacks of value generation.

Leaders must enliven themselves and staff with clear purpose with simplicity built around and upon values and convictions.  Leaders must model for the staff;

  • new leadership behaviors,
  • shaping new experiences,
  • forming new beliefs,
  • fostering new actions,
  • creating exceptional performance

It is up to leaders to fulfill this role, organizational staffs are crying out silently for clarity – clarity of purpose and cohesive modeling of values and convictions.  Leaders must be progressive in telling the story of where the organization is going, how the strategy matters to purpose, and why the staff matter in delivering the purpose.

Leaders must be highly committed to the staff through exceptional stewardship of the organization’s human potential by:

  • encouraging,
  • educating,
  • equipping,
  • enabling and
  • empowering so that each individual is free to
  • experiment through
  • transformative engagement.

When leaders tap into each individual’s heart and mind they foster true inclusiveness, promoting organizational health; organizational health that facilitates the core purpose of the organization.  A value proposition and business model linked to common shared cause that conceptualizes, develops and delivers innovative services systematically through an evolving enterprise capability.   Purpose is then a cause shared

 …a community in which the organizational value is created.

Leaders must resolve to be purveyors of purpose, building and sustaining the enablers of organizational health through purpose; lead as if one member with courage is a majority.

A purposeful and healthy organization is enabled by:

  • Organizational clarity
  • Cohesive, authentic, servant leadership
  • Exceptional communications
  • Shared knowledge and community
  • Extensive HR/OD investment in the human value stream

“Success comes from delivering value to your customers. The ability to deliver value comes from having sound concepts of what the customers’ want and value. This is based in the ultimate source of value, the people of the organization; their mind is the most advanced, active, adaptive technology ever created. A leader has the moral responsibility to align, focus, equip, empower and engage each individual with a common purpose.” Casey, 2016