Darrell L. Casey, PhD – Founder/Owner/Coach/Advisor:

As a catalyst leader, my passion is the advancement of business competencies, enlightened leadership, and human spirit aligned to continuous progress toward new levels of organizational excellence.  My uniqueness is derived by the ability to fashion organizational clarity around purpose, mission, vision and values.  This generates tremendous energy that is intensified through the creation of a “community of purpose.”

In turn, I construct strategic organizational alignment as a comprehensive change process for management and staff teams that guides leadership’s ability to execute as one and deliver sustainable successful outcomes. Specifically, I am adept to identifying the culture needed to enable effective execution by promoting team and individual engagement in the implementation.

My coaching methods focus upon organizational behavior and development permitting the building of both process and business models that stimulate the degree of communication, openness, and trust among multiple levels; thus improving the quality of problem solving and decision making enabling innovation in strategic performance.

The value proposition I offer is honed through the combination of twenty plus years of process focused experience including; management and operations consulting, and healthcare.  My career is one of constant delivery of stakeholder solutions and value creation through breakthroughs totaling more than $137 million in growth and cost reductions while making organizations healthy.

In summation, I create High Performance High Commitment High Reliability Organizations (HPHCHRO) that thrive in today’s competitive economy in a way that becomes an organization’s distinctive competencies; truly entrenched in the human value stream with foundations in experiences, beliefs, actions and principles of the organization’s individuals.

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